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About Us

Nicole Lefferts (Ankrom) - Licensed Massage Therapist

Nicole is a graduate of Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy and specializes in Relaxation, and Deep Tissue as well as Trigger Point Therapy (also known as Neuromuscular Therapy). Her goal is to deliver a therapeutic massage that addresses pain management, relaxation, or a combination of both.


Scot Scholl - Licensed Massage Therapist

Scot graduated from The Pittsburgh School for Massage Therapy in October of 2015, specializes in relaxation and Swedish massage, and is well versed in Trigger Point Therapy. Scot can provide light to heavy pressure, as well as deep tissue work. 


Layla Franco - Licensed Massage Therapist

Layla is a massage therapist who strives to demonstrate that overall wellness comes from caring for the body as well as the mind. A graduate of Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy, Layla performs relaxation massage and deep tissue as well as practicing energy work such as reiki and reflexology. Attending specialized classes such as “Bodywork for PTSD” and “Understanding Mental Disorders” has helped Layla to better care for her clients.


Sarah Obuzor - bio pending 


Luke Smida -  Neuromuscular Massage Therapist. 

My journey to becoming a massage therapist initially seemed more from happenstance than by choice. Like many others, my life changed radically during the course of the pandemic: losing my tattoo apprenticeship; having to relocate to Pittsburgh from Dallas; even the sudden loss of my father. All of these events and more led me to seek out and embrace a community of like-minded people focusing on a holistic approach to healing. After earning my massage therapy license in 2023 I’ve sought to accompany and guide others in their own similar journeys.