About Us

Nicole Ankrom - Massage Therapist

Nicole is a graduate of Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy and specializes in Relaxation, and Deep Tissue as well as Trigger Point Therapy (also known as Neuromuscular Therapy). Her goal is to deliver a therapeutic massage that addresses pain management, relaxation, or a combination of both.


Carol Spencer Royall - Massage Therapist

Carol is the mother of two grown children. A caretaker by nature, Carol has chosen massage therapy as her means of assisting individuals to improve their lives. A graduate of Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy, Carol specializes in relaxation massage, Trigger Point Therapy (also known as Neuromuscular Therapy) and Deep Tissue Massage.


Scot Scholl - Massage Therapist

Scot graduated from The Pittsburgh School for Massage Therapy in October of 2015, specializes in relaxation and Swedish massage, and is well versed in Trigger Point Therapy. Scot can provide light to heavy pressure, as well as deep tissue work.


Donna Mayo - Massage Therapist

Donna is a graduate of The Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy. She specializes in deep back massages as well as headache relief. She is also a musician who likes to incorporate classical/instrumental music into her massage.   


Joseph Onesta - Hypnotherapist

Joseph Onesta has had a varied career. Wearing many hats throughout his life, he has always dedicated his efforts to helping others improve themselves and their lives. He began his career teaching and then moved into designing and directing social and educational programs for specific audiences. He now helps individuals effect growth and change in their own lives through the use of hypnosis.