Therapeutic Massage

First time clients receive a 60 minute massage for $50*

30 minute massage $35**

60 minute massage  $60

90 minute massage  $90

60 minute Hot Stone  $80

90 minute Hot Stone  $110

All massages are for the full amount of time shown


*90 minutes available. $30 upcharge applies.


** Your choice of one of the following

Back only

Head,neck,shoulders and arms

Lower legs and feet

Feet only


Hypnotherapy - with Joseph Onesta

Standard session - $125 (sessions can last up to 90 minutes.)

Your first session, depending on paperwork and the like may take up to two hours. Expect a minimum of three sessions but you are free stop and restart at any time.

Practical session - $35*

*Because my practice is under the supervision of a master hypnosis practitioner, I need to video tape a certain number of my sessions. In exchange for the right to record the session and use the recording, I offer a discounted rate of $35. I have a limited number of discounted sessions available and the offer of the discount is made when I understand the goals of a potential client and if I think the session will likely contribute to my supervision requirement. If I offer you the discount, you will be charged the same amount whether I actually use the recording or not.